The Vision

The Kolhapur Steel Limited shall be the benchmark steel casting foundry in India and become the preferred choice of customers, suppliers and employees.

The Mission

The Kolhapur Steel Limited shall be known as a reliable, innovative and cost effective solution provider for steel castings.

The Values

  • Accountability : We deliver on our commitments to customers, and other stakeholders.
  • Customers : We fulfill the customers’ expectations in high quality and delivery.
  • Collaboration : We work as a team across all departments to meet customers’ needs and achieve success.
  • Innovation: : We strive for continual innovation through best foundry practices.
  • People : We take pride our dedicated workforce and the communities in which they live and work.
  • Quality : We are committed to delivering the highest quality steel castings.
  • Sustainability : We are committed to keeping operations sustainable for the health of the environment and surrounding community.
  • Technology : We are leaders in implementing latest technologies to improve our customers’ expectations.
  • Safety : We are committed to conduct all operations safely to protect our employees, customers, and environment.